In the publishing world, one of the best selling categories is found in the self help books aisle

In the publishing world, one of the best selling categories is found in the self help books aisle

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Some self help books are of a personal nature, with the topic of “developing good self-esteem”, typically written by a psychologist who gives you a new perspective and teaches you techniques to improve your self esteem.

At the other end of the spectrum of self help books is “Planning for your Retirement” Are you thinking you should be planning your retirement income? What do you know about it? You owe it to yourself to find out all the possibilities and resources. For the few dollars this self help book costs, you can feel more secure and set about to do it right.

Some other types of self help books address the problem of quitting smoking. These behavior modification books often contain questionnaires and worksheets, with perhaps suggestions of logging your behavior patterns. This makes you aware of your own “triggers”, establishes patterns in time, like smoking more when you sit at the computer. Every person is different, with different motivations. Self help books aim to cover the bases, so that you will find your own specific motivations so that you succeed in your goal.

Other types of self help books focus on more practical matters, such as learning to cook or gaining customers for your fledgling small business. You’re learning from a professional expert, who knows the secrets of the activity or business. You’ll be a step ahead and more self-reliant.

You’ll be surprised at the scope of the self help market. It truly is a DIY model for any subject for which you’d like specific information.

Let’s say you’re in the planning stage of launching a website. You plan to sell your photography and art work. Artists are notorious for disliking business and marketing. Do you know how to write a business plan? Have you checked out local business licensing requirements? What about accounting? Through a few self help books and a call to your Chamber of Commerce, you’ll be in a far better position to succeed.

Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is still published and selling today, some 70 years after its first appearance in print. That book must be the poster child of self help books.

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