International Business College

International Business College

The International Business College is an educational institution the offers courses in vocational and career skills. Their mission is to provide vocational and technical education, preparation and training for today’s job market, with the goal of assisting their graduates in successful career placements.

The first International Business College was founded in 1898 by Mr. J.P. Mullin of El Paso. On January 29, 1973, the International Business College was purchased by Don Beardsworth and opened additional branches in different locations as the International Business College, Incorporated.

In April of 1984, the Lubbock campus in Texas was opened and attained freestanding accreditation on December 14, 1987 under the ownership of the International Business College, Inc. In July of 1984 however, the ownership was transferred to International Business College, Lubbock, Inc. who on July 13, 1992 moved to its modern sixty-storey office complex, making the new setting a representation of the quality and professional atmosphere the International Business College endeavor to achieve in its trainings.

Among the certificate programs offered by International Business College are Court reporting, Nurses Aide, Computerized Accounting Specialist, Legal Assistant, Medical Office Specialist/Transcriptionist, Word Processing Specialist, Network Operations Technician, Legal Secretary, Micro-Computer Specialist, Administrative Assistant, and Computerized Office Specialist. Another course offered is Cosmetology which includes Operator, Nail Technology, Instructor, and Esthetician.

The educational institution has a Financial Aid department established to provide assistance through grant and loan programs to qualified students. The student’s financial need is assessed before the financial aid is provided. The policy is based on the principle that the primary responsibility for educational financing belongs to the student.

A financial aid package is provided for each student, which includes information and application for grant and loan programs. Other sources such as veterans Education and Social Security benefits will be considered in starting a student’s financial need. It is not a requirement that the student accept all financial aid offered, all remaining tuition not covered by the financial aid will be the sole responsibility of the student. Qualified recipients of Financial Aid require citizens or eligible non-resident citizens of the US. F-I Visa students are not eligible. Immigrants must submit immigration documents to determine eligibility.

The International Business College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award diplomas and certificates. It is also the policy of the institution’s Job Placement Department to assist students in finding employment upon graduation, and will advise the student prior to graduation in career development skills and assist them in finding employment of the chosen field. Graduating students are required to provide the department with a current resume and to maintain satisfactory attendance and grade point average to retain their placement privilege.

Other locations of the International Business Schools in Texas are in Sherman, Denton, Midland, and McKinney. Business Skills Institutes are located in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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