International Business Studies

International Business Studies

As they always say, there is no end to the learning. Even if you have successfully finished a program in college, there will always be interesting subjects that you would want to touch on to continually upgrade yourself in this innovative period. One of those challenging yet valuable in its sense, is having a degree on international business studies.

Fontys University offers one of the best international business studies in Europe. It has 33, 000 students and 3, 500 staff, it is the largest academe of professional education in the Netherlands. It caters to practically all kinds of fields be it in arts, medical, technology and economics. Due to their home- grown products, not only are the Dutch but other foreign employers are convinced of diploma from their school.

Its international business studies curriculum constitutes of two majors namely marketing and management. They strongly believe that the trading environment has a tendency to get concentrated on the global scope of doing commerce. Competition is getting tougher, political conditions disappears national borders and modern communications broadens possibilities that is why they have suited it for future young professionals who are prepared for versatility.

Students of international business studies learn to deal with dilemmas such as launching a product on a foreign market, organizing the corporation’s global activities, preparing for inevitable changes, using the internet in E- business meetings and controlling the financial resources. Aside from marketing and management, the other core topics are financial accounting and information systems.

Other special application comprises of training the enrollees to prepare an international strategy, operational skills that will work in several cultural backgrounds, conducting global feasibility, drawing audience in a world- wide scope, sales plan and handling systems database.

The method utilized in Fontys University is grounded on the principle of “learning to learn”. They will acquire how to master novel knowledge and skills and if they succeed, they will be able to keep up the pace of quick developments. Through it, their graduates are capable of functioning in a long- term basis.

Professional perspectives
Offering a premium opportunity in international companies, its agenda prospectus is not just to efficiently test the waters in Netherlands but even in the other scenes outside. They can easily begin a career in Munich, London, Barcelona, Paris or any other fascinating places. It does not limit its graduates to be in a sole department but even as an export manager, E- business specialist and other else.

Project- based learning
For the knowledge to stay rooted in the mind, Fontys University has several assignments that deal with variegated aspects of the marketing and management practice. Eventually, they will come to grasp relevant literature and execute field research appropriate to their study. Their leadership skills will also be tested as they will be asked to head their particular groups.

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