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Lloyds TSB

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Lloyds TSB is the result of a merger in 1995 of two formidable financial institutions: Lloyds Bank Group and the TSB Group. Today, Lloyds TSB has offices in 27 countries around the world. As a major player in the financial arena, its offices are located in all of the world’s financial hot spots including Dubai, Switzerland, the United States, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

Online banking with Lloyds TSB is the preferred banking method of the majority of its 27-million customers. The Internet has definitely changed the way people live and many are taking advantage of its convenience to perform time-consuming everyday tasks such as banking, shopping, and making travel arrangements. No longer fearful of transacting business online, more and more individuals around the world are logging on.

Lloyds TSB is the perfect online banking solution for those individuals who travel and conduct business internationally. The company also offers a wide range of services for those who don’t travel very far from home.

On the international side, Lloyds TSB customers can receive and make payments in Euros so they no longer have to bother with changing currencies. They can also set up foreign currency accounts making the process of exchanging currencies less risky. International money mover services facilitate the process of sending and receiving money when trading abroad. Its documentary letter of credit program helps customers save money and expedite payments, both of which help improve cash flow.

Most international services are offered free of charge to Lloyds TSB account holders and that in itself is one of the biggest benefits of banking with a key financial player. These international services are offered in addition to the many other online banking services designed for individuals and businesses.

With online banking customers can transfer funds, monitor deposits, withdrawals and account balances in real time, pay bills, print statements, download statements into popular accounting software, receive text alerts of all account changes, and apply for loans, overdraft protection, and savings accounts; just some of the many benefits of banking online with Lloyds TSB.

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