Masters in International Business

Masters in International Business

After getting a diploma in college does not mean the end of your learning, every single day is an avenue for the knowledge gained to be applied. To put it more in a formal setting, you can proceed to graduate school by taking Masters in International Business. It does not totally follow that it should be in lined with what you finished in your tertiary years. In such manner, your scope will be broadened and it will unmistakably be a strong advantage on your part especially when you decide to work in the academe.

Full- Time Masters in International Business
* Ashford University
Founded in 1918, Ashford University was originally known as Mount Saint Clare College. It offers a convenient and affordable online program which is designed for the working adults seeking for a flexible schedule. With only 33- 36 units to take, it is one of the most accelerated curriculums available. You can visit them at 400 North Bluff Boulevard, Clinton, Iowa.

* Benedictine University
An independent Roman Catholic institution, Benedictine University was established in 1887. For over 25 years now, they have been able to develop innovative curriculum called WebFlex Master of Business Administration. It has 64 credit- hour requirements the same as their other options in fully online classes. You can visit them at 5700 College Road, Lisle, Illinois.

Part- Time Masters in International Business
* Grand Canyon University
Fully operational since 1949, Grand Canyon University is a liberal arts institution with utter emphasis in academic excellence. It initially became famous for its teacher education program and later developed outstanding curriculums in the field of sciences, business, music and arts. You can now easily take your Masteral that concentrates in Accounting, Finance, General Management, Health Systems Management, Leadership, Marketing and Six Sigma. You can visit them at 3300W Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona.

* National American University
With 12 other campuses located around the United States, National American University grants its students the resources of a global institution of higher education. It offers financial aid, accreditation and career services. With its Masteral curriculum, it touches on topics on leading the organization, information technology for strategic advantage, managing marketing programs and analysis skills for managerial decision- making. You can visit them at 321 Kansas City Street, Rapid City, South Dakota.

Executive Masters in International Business
* Sullivan University
In just nine months, you can immediately experience the real world as it equips you to be easily job- ready. The complete program will last for 44 weeks that includes holidays and vacations as well as one weekend every month. You can visit them at 2355 Harrodsburg Road, Lexington, Kentucky.

* Loyola College
Tailored for the experienced professionals, the program is created to be finished in 21 months alternating Friday or Saturday formats. It begins in September every year within a group of 30 to 35 students. You can visit them at 4501 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

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