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Pregnant and opted to move and raise their family in Simi Valley. An accountant by trade (let’s face it – nothing’s more adventurous than dealing with cash flow … Read More

People Spreading The Love With Daddy Cakes Into The Night
To Hollywood he attended the UCLA extension program and then worked as before getting into meaty side of production. He took on the role as a Producer … Read More

Confessions Of A Film Fest Screener
Together plans for a non-profit status production company aimed at helpingFeature Film and Television writing at UCLA extension and plans to apply to the upcoming … Read More

World Trade Center (2006) -vs- United 93 (2006)
A dry-erase pen and basically laying out the entire schematic for how a production travels from being an idea through distribution. I've actually … Read More

Is My Screenplay Good?
Of websites with courses, software for screenwriting, production, budgets, storyboarding. The list goes on and on and one is … Read More

You Can Write A DEAD MAN Novel
You're hoping to learn anything about the history, development, writing, or production of Dr. Kildare in radio and television, or simply want an in depth, detailed … Read More

This AP press release, some serious jokers in Italy are going into production on a romantic comedy version of the life of Jesus , which: "seeks to narrate the … Read More

An Interview With Diane Drake
What we all want: A happy ending * You’ve been teaching at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program since 2009. What one main idea do you try to impress on … Read More

The Movie On The Page
As a four-day intensive workshop at the UCLA Extension Writers' Studio, February 7thsome good money. It's one of those productions I call an Obligatory Movie: it's a … Read More

Under the rug.” Thaler’s most original contribution was “mental accounting” — an extension of Kahneman and Tversky’s “framing” principle. “Framing … Read More

Week Ending Dec 17
Natural gas from shale and other unconventional rock formations will account for 30 percent of global gas production by 2040; demand growth would be more than four times the … Read More

UCLA Extension Leverages Epicor ERP Software In Accounting And Enterprise Business Systems Course
Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced its collaboration with UCLA Extension bringing … Read News

The Political Economy Of Peer Production – Michel Bauwens Notes ——————– [1] Fiske website. [2] Personal communication with the author Bibliography … Read More

THE BUSINESS OF BOOKS, With Author Jessica Barksdale Inclán
Signing at the RWA Literacy signing. I teach writing for UCLA Extension, and every year, they have an instructor reading that I do down in Westwood … Read More

History Of The Planet Of The Apes
Program, Palm Desert Graduate Center, and also teaches television writing at the UCLA Extension. But even through my blinding hate, I have to admit he's a terrific and justifiably … Read More