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First and farm kids out to group "carers". And that was also of course the Communist system — both in the Soviet orbit and in the Israeli kibbutzim For … Read More

Chapter 3 – Memory Induction – The Early Days
Unhappy about my story. I had to get away and so decided to move to Brisbane . I called my brother. “Hey James, how are you?” “Yeah not bad, mum … Read More

Gemma Talks Up A Storm!
Course, a plumbing course Thank God I was brought upmy sponsorship co-ordinator is German, the accountant is French [we have an] Irish … Read More

Brisbane 1985 – 2010 (Thru Dodgey’s Eyes) PART SEVEN
. Most of this was being aimed at schools and Tafe colleges. Ausmusic were also looking at closing their local … Read More

Are critical of Muslims and Jews This report was of course headlined as showing "racism". It does nothing of the sort. As … Read More

Elliot Ward-Fear's Bottom Line
Also be negotiating the, by all accounts, equally extreme accessories of Wardthe latest big buzz graduate of the TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio, whose … Read More

Content Safeguards Extended To Mobile Phones
Range of new services, particularly several new digital channels and, of course, even more to come in the transition to digital television. Finally, I just want to say something … Read More

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Will be looking at that. The new HECS for TAFE arrangements will help workerswithout paying up front fees. Of course, last night we heard from business and … Read More

Various layers of society and discover racism across all walks of life (and of course, is personally offended by it – give me a break). Lucky him … Read More

That the offending conduct be done reasonably and in good faith in the course of an expressive activity (statement, publication, discussion or debate) made or held for … Read More

Chapter 7: Various Brisbane Lodgings
Economics/accounting course at a night school at South Brisbane, which I believethe forerunner to TAFE (the school, notin my life in Brisbane before the Army … Read More

Using Social Networking Tools To Connect With clients
The stonemasonry Wikispace. In May this year, I opened a free Wikispaces account to complement the Ning network. Student feedback suggested that the Ning website … Read More

Comings And Goings Of Age In The Long Labor Decade: Small Business, Musical Culture And English
Are produced and consumed. The visual bias in this account is immediate once Attali’s aural history is heard, but what … Read More

Surgery on her shattered arm. To add insult to injury, the letter from the Royal Brisbane Hospital got her name wrong and said she had been on the … Read More