Translation Services in Indonesia

Translation Services in Indonesia

Indonesia’s official language is Bahasa, and many other dialects are widely spoken in Indonesia. Although English is well understood in major tourist places like Jakarta and other famous tourist spots, the language barrier for both foreigners and natives can sometimes become a problem with needed solutions. The same goes for immigrants and foreign workers of the country; sometimes getting the help of translation services in Indonesia becomes a better and faster option over learning the language itself.

Translation services in Indonesia are widespread and available; one can even get web-translations from English to other languages or vice versa. Most translation services in Indonesia have translators that are “mother tongue” speakers who reside in the country; they speak English fluently and have been trained, examined, and possess years of experience with translation.

Here are some agencies that offer translation services in Indonesia:
Kartika Sentra Bahasa Translation Service
The agency is located at Banten, Indonesia and was founded in 1997. This agency for translation services in Indonesia has over twenty skilled translators and interpreters for every translation need; they also specialize on subject areas like computer, environment, law, and engineering.

Al-Huda Agency
The agency is located in Ceribon, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, and offers translation services for personal and business needs.

Carmel Translation Service
The agency has been providing translation services in Indonesia since 1995, and is an authorized sworn translator services. The agency specializes in subject areas such as legal documents, articles, academic documents, research materials, sciences, scripts, training and educational materials, and others. The agency is located at Banjung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.

Interlanguage Translators
The agency provides translation for every major language of the world (from and to Indonesian), with other services such as transcription, interpreting, proof-reading, editing, and related services. The agency’s subject areas include, accounting, legal, technical, reports, news articles, and general. The agency is situated in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.

Jaya Translation Services
The agency was initiated in 1995 and offers translation through native-language translators into Indonesian, English, Japanese, French, and Dutch. Translations are done by highly experienced translators, and they also offer other services such as voice-over, transcribing, and interpreting. Their client range from NGO’s for international organizations, business centers, private individuals, and multinational companies. The agency is located in Tangerang, Indonesia.

The importance of translation services in Indonesia, whether for private and personal needs or for business and organizational needs, has been highly valued. The help it provides to individuals, firms, and businesses has opened greater opportunities for successful transactions and dealings, as well as improved personal relationships.